Celery (Stalks and Leaves)

Celery with leaves

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Celery (stalks and leaves) is a great vegetable for guinea pigs to eat a few times a week but in small quantities due to the high level of oxalates and low vitamin C content. 

It's a shame that most supermarkets chop off and discard the lovely nutritional and tasty leaves as these are a much loved part of the celery plant for guinea pigs. However, if you have a local market near where you live either a farmer's market or perhaps a farm store, you'll have a much better chance of finding the whole vegetable, leaves and all! 

Guinea pigs have sharp teeth and shouldn't have any problems with the stringy part of the celery so there is no need to remove these.

Mix a small piece of celery in with plenty of leafy vegetables for a good varied diet and never give one guinea pig a whole celery stick. A sixth of a stalk is plenty.


3-4 times a week in very small quanities including leaves & stalks, chopped small


a few times a week

Vitamin C

3.1mg per 100g


40.0mg per 100g


24.0mg per 100g

Calcium : Phosphorous

High in Oxalic Acid

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