Getting Guinea Pigs: What You Need to Know

Guinea pigs have specific needs compared to other small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, rats or gerbils. If you are thinking of getting a guinea pig, it’s important to know what caring for these small pets involves, so you can decide if they are the right pets for you.

Cage size

Guinea pigs need large cages and many of the cages you’ll see that are sold for guinea pigs in pet stores and online aren’t large enough. The minimum cage size for 2 guinea pigs is 120 x 60cm or 47 x 24 inches.

four guinea pigs in an extra large open topped indoor enclosure
Our guinea pigs, Baileys, Sparkles, Sunny Pig and Mr Jaffas, in their large indoor enclosure

Get a pair of guinea pigs!

Guinea pigs are social animals and can become lonely and depressed on their own so you should look at having a pair of guinea pigs. An interesting fact is that it‘s actually illegal in Switzerland to have a single guinea pig. 

Daily care

Guinea pigs need daily care so if you are a very busy person you’ll have to consider whether you have enough time in your schedule. 

Even if you’re getting guinea pigs for a child, most children (and definitely young ones) won’t be able to do all the tasks on their own and often get bored of the more mundane jobs after a while so parents need to be prepared to take on these tasks.

Nail Trims

You’ll need to trim your guinea pig’s nails every 2-4 weeks.  This can be a tricky job depending on how wriggly your guinea pig is but if you find it too challenging you can pay for a vet or guinea pig groomer to do this for you.


Long haired guinea pigs need grooming including bathing whereas short-haired guinea pigs are much lower maintenance so if you don’t want too much work, opt for short haired guinea pigs.

Family breaks and holidays

Guinea pigs are not the type of pet that can be left for a weekend while you go away. They need someone there every day  that can feed them and take care of daily tasks.  We put our guinea pigs into boarding when we go on holiday because we can relax and know they’ll be well cared for. 

Alternatively you might be able to find a family member or friend who is willing and able to take care of them.

Food requirements

Guinea pigs need feeding 3 types of food daily.  They need special guinea pig pellets, a cup of fresh vegetables that are safe for guinea pigs and constant hay. 

It’s really important that they have access to hay  at all times or they can get serious problems with their digestion or teeth.

Guinea pigs make noise

Guinea pigs can be noisy. They make loud wheeking sounds when they are hungry or think food is on the way and they make other sounds  for other reasons too, not to mention the noise they make zooming round the cage! This is an important point  to remember if you’re planning on putting guinea  pigs  in a bedroom  as they can be very active at night time.

Baby Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Baileys, one of our Abyssinian Guinea Pigs as a baby

Are you allergic?

Many people don’t realize they are allergic to guinea pigs until they get them. It’s worth checking this out by visiting a rescue center or pet store and holding a guinea pig or two before you make your decision to see if you have an allergic reaction. 

There are also hay allergies to consider. There is no alternative to hay for  guinea pigs – they  need it in their cage all the time to munch on so make sure you’re not allergic to hay before getting your guinea pigs.

4-8 years plus commitment

Guinea pigs live on average for between 4-8 years and can even live up to 10 years.  You should see this as a long term commitment as rescue centers are full of guinea pigs that get taken in when their owners don’t want them anymore.

Constantly growing teeth

A guinea pig’s teeth are constantly growing. If they stop eating for any reason or don’t have constant access to hay, they can overgrow and cause serious, sometimes fatal conditions so it’s important to check  them regularly.

Other pets

Consider what other pets you have before getting guinea pigs. Some dogs don’t have the right temperament to be in the same house as guinea pigs and can pose a danger. If you do have pets, you’ll need to make sure your cage has a secure top and the cage is raised off the floor so they don’t come face to face with a pet as this can be very scary for them.

They need toys

Guinea pigs are very intelligent animals and need stimulation to prevent boredom.  There are toys you can buy especially for guinea pigs including tunnels, balls and chews that help keep them entertained and happy.

Some “guinea pig toys” are dangerous

Not everything pet stores or online stores sell for guinea pigs are safe for  them. Guinea pigs should not be harnessed, use hamster wheels or the metal hay ball feeders. There are also other items that are dangerous or unsuitable. Take a look at some of these toys and accessories here….

They like the same temperature as us

Guinea pigs like the same temperatures as we do. If it is too hot or cold for you then it is too hot or cold for your guinea pig.  For this reason, housing guinea pigs outside can be dangerous. However, under the right conditions, and in certain mild climates, it is possible. 

No direct sunlight (heatstroke)

Guinea pigs must not be in direct sunlight as they can easily get heatstroke. Heatstroke can happen quickly and may easily kill them. Always make sure your guinea pigs are housed in a shaded area.


Once you’ve got your guinea pig and the cage etc, the costs don’t end there. You will need to buy pellets, hay, fresh veg, renew their toys and allow for any vet care they may require. If money is tight for you, a pet that requires less ongoing costs would be better.

Abyssinian guinea pig in a pocket having  a cuddle
Sunny Pig having a cuddle

Vet care and pet insurance

Vet care can be expensive so it’s worth considering small pet insurance. This can be quite costly and you could alternatively self-insure which means setting up a bank account for your guinea pigs and saving a set amount each month so if they need veterinary treatment, you have the funds available.

Correct gender

Pet stores have often been known to make mistakes regarding gender when it comes to guinea pigs. If you think you have 2 females but one ends up being a male you will undoubtedly end up with more baby guinea pigs. It can escalate from there as they breed fast. Then it can get out of control. Always get a second opinion on the gender and check out our next and very important final point on how to avoid this happening. 

Where to get your guinea pigs

We always recommend you get your guinea pigs from a rescue center and not a pet store (unless you get them from the adoption section).   If you get your guinea pigs from a rescue center you are more likely to get the gender they specify as they have more experience with these pets. 

There are many guinea pigs in rescue centers and many will never be found a forever home as there are simply not enough people willing to take them on. Please please support the rescue centers and avoid the pet stores so we can try and break this cycle.