Best Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combination

If you are housing your guinea pigs outdoors and don't want to buy a separate run, a hutch and run combination is the perfect solution. 

We have had a look at many of the hutch and run combos available for sale and many are very small - not nearly big enough to house guinea pigs and give them enough space to run around in! The one we recommend that is a good size is the Confidence Pet Hutch.

Overall View of the Hutch/Run Combo

This hutch is a good size with the run area measuring 60 x 20 inches in total

The Housing Area

The housing area is a lovely dark space for them which is important as they feel safer when they can nestle down in darkness.It has a slide-out tray for easy cleaning in the hutch area. Make sure you add plenty of hay for warmth. A snuggle sack or a cosy guinea pig bed would be a good idea too.

Guinea Pig Cosy in a Snuggle Sack
Sparkles keeping warm in her Snuggle Sack!

The Run

The run has a top opening roof which makes it easy to access for cleaning or to add tunnels and toys. It doesn't have a base so your pets will love the fact that they have access to grass if you place your hutch on a lawn. The attached run is accessed via a ladder from the sleeping area and is a great advantage as it gives your guinea pigs constant access to a large space where they can exercise and stretch their legs whenever they want to.

Tips and Advice

Make sure you place the hutch on a flat part of your lawn. If there are lumps and bumps in your backyard you might find that it allows for gaps below the run. 

You can use an outdoor paint (make sure it's safe for pets) if you want to change the color of the hutch exterior. You must make sure it is a pet safe paint though - Cuprinol garden shades paint comes in many different colors and is safe for your guinea pigs.

Always make sure you keep the doors closed and properly locked. If you have foxes you might need additional locks as they are very clever and can open latches if they are not tight enough.

Make sure the ladder is firmly in place and that you have put it together securely before you put your guinea pigs inside.

This hutch/run is one that is well suited for guinea pigs to give them the space they need. It will also take up less space in your backyard than a separate hutch and run as well as saving you the cost of purchasing two items.

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