Guinea Pig Mites, Lice and Mange

white faced guinea pig

All pets are vulnerable to parasitic infestations of one sort another and guinea pigs are no different. The most common “ectoparasites” include mites and lice. If you think your pet has an infestation you must contact your vet to have them diagnosed so you…

Can You Bathe a Guinea Pig?

cute beige guinea pig with flower on her head

Do guinea pigs need baths? It is essential for your guinea pig’s health that they are kept as clean as possible. If their hair becomes soaked with urine or gets poop stuck in it, they can become sore and also attract flies which can…

How to Tame Guinea Pigs

tame guinea pig eating grass next to child on the floor

Guinea pigs are by nature very nervous pets but you can tame even a skittish and nervous guinea pig and get them to come to you using this taming guide. You can use these tips for baby guinea pigs as well as older pets that…

Flystrike in Guinea Pigs

White and black guinea pig

What is flystrike? You might have heard of flystrike in guinea pigs but you may not realize how much of a threat this can pose to your pet. Flystrike not only affects guinea pigs but can also affect rabbits, sheep, horses as well as…

HOW to Keep Your Guinea Pig Cool in a Heatwave

Guinea pig wearing a sun hat

Heat can be extremely dangerous for guinea pigs so it is important they are kept cool when the weather is hot. Here are some useful tips on how to protect your guinea pigs from becoming overheated during a heatwave: 1. Move them indoors If…

Common Health Problems

guinea pig at the vet

It is important that your guinea pigs are well cared for to ensure they live a healthy life. It is good to know in advance about the health problems that are most common in guinea pigs so that if they become ill you will…

Guinea Pig Weight

girl holding a long haired guinea pig

If fed the wrong type of food, guinea pigs can become overweight as a result. Being obese can cause stress to your cavy’s joints as well as heart, digestive system and blood pressure so it’s important to regularly keep an eye on their weight. …

Heatstroke in Guinea Pigs? Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

White guinea pig with pink eyes

In hot weather guinea pigs need to be kept cool to prevent heat exhaustion which will likely lead to heatstroke if not spotted early enough. If immediate attention is not given when your guinea pig is overheating, it could be fatal for your pet….

Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations?

guinea pig being held by a veterinary expert

For most pets, it is recommended by a vet and necessary for boarding that they have regular vaccinations. These vaccinations protect them against catching nasty diseases and illnesses from other pets.  However, unlike most other pets, such as rabbits or cats and dogs, there…

Guinea Pig Veterinary Care: Advice & Tips and Costs

guinea pig being checked by the vet

All guinea pigs should see a vet on an annual basis for a routine check-up. You may also find yourself having to take your pet to the vet on an emergency basis if they have an accident or if they become ill.  Guinea pigs can…