Guinea Pig Adoption

cute grey guinea pig in the outdoors

If you can adopt a guinea pig from a rescue center, you have the potential to transform that little pet’s life. With thousands of guinea pigs in rescue shelters all over the US, these small pets with the most adorable personalities are desperately in…

What Do Guinea Pigs Need?

Inquisitive white and ginger guinea pig sitting on the lawn

We’ve created the definitive Guinea Pig Starter Kit List which is a Shopping Guide showing you all the essential items you’ll need to buy for your new pets. These recommendations also have links to where you can buy the items.

Can a Guinea Pig Live Alone?

pair of guinea pig friends

Can a Guinea Pig Live Alone?

Long Haired vs Short Haired Guinea Pigs

long haired guinea pig in the grass

If you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig, you may not have considered whether you want a long or short-haired breed.  Although this might seem a fairly trivial choice, there are significant differences when it comes to caring for these different hair types. So…