The Best Organic Timothy Hay


We are always on the lookout for good quality hay for guinea pigs. There is a fair amount of available to buy online but to source one that is organic is more of a challenge. One of our favorite guinea pig suppliers, Small Pet…

What is the Best Hay for Guinea Pigs?

two guinea pigs eating hay

Grass hay is the most important part of a guinea pig’s diet and should form 80% of their daily diet. The best type of grass hay for adult guinea pigs is and Meadow Hay and this essential food source should ALWAYS be available to…

Guinea Pig Pellet Food – A Complete Guide for 2021

guinea pig's eating food

Dry pellet food is an important part of your guinea pig’s daily diet and these specially formulated nuggets are made to meet the unique needs of a guinea pig’s dietary and nutritional requirements. It’s important to buy for your guinea pigs as this will…

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat? Daily Food Guide

two guinea pigs eating hay and fresh food

Guinea pigs are herbivores which means they eat a plant-based diet. There are 3 types of food that your guinea pigs will need to eat each day.