The Best Organic Timothy Hay


We are always on the lookout for good quality hay for guinea pigs. There is a fair amount of Timothy Hay available to buy online but to source one that is organic is more of a challenge.

One of our favorite guinea pig suppliers, Small Pet Select, have been looking for Organic Timothy Hay for a long time but have never found one that is good enough quality to fit their brand… until now.

Sourcing Organic Timothy Hay

There isn’t much Organic Timothy Hay produced by farmers so it is very difficult to find.

It’s actually not very cost effective for a conventional farm to produce organic Timothy Hay as there is only a very small market for it, apart from very upscale horses – and now small pets, too!

Producing organic hay requires more management and commitment from the farmers, for less crop. So this doesn’t give a farmer much incentive to go organic.

On top of that, the farm also has to follow strict guidelines to be certified organic. This not only includes inspections of fields, soil, equipment etc but also looks at how they manage weeds and other crop pests.

It’s only after a painstaking review process that a farm may be certified organic.

Special qualities of Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

Just because hay is certified organic, doesn’t mean your guinea pigs are going to love it.

In fact, Small Pet Select quickly found that finding organic hay that is also delicious for you small pets is more challenging than you might think.

After much searching, Small Pet Select have found a Timothy Hay that is not only USDA certified organic, but also meets the high quality that Small Pet Select customers expect from them.

Here are some of the special qualities of this hay which makes it stand apart from many others:


The Organic Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select is super soft and leafy, compared to other organic hays which will be much tougher and have larger stems.

Your guinea pigs will love the texture of this hay!


The hay is wonderfully rich, fresh and fragrant, which is something you only get from high quality hay.

Hand selected

After visiting other organic farms and being literally “hands on” with the hay, Small Pet Select found other organic hay crops had lots of weeds, brown and yellow leaves, and some hay had a hard texture.

Small Pet Select Organic Timothy Hay is genuinely hand selected for superior quality.

Small Pet Select picky pet promise

We’ve been recommending Small Pet Select products for a long time because they care about small pets and the quality of the products they offer.

The organic hay from Small Pet Select is backed up by their picky pet promise – 100% satisfaction or your money back.

If you are looking for a top quality hay for your guinea pig, you can buy the Organic Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select here…