Guinea Pig Care Sheets & Checklists

Let's face it, life is busy and it's easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That is why we created these handy care sheets which you can download and print then store in a handy organizer or A5 file. 

These are great for both adults and children. Adults will love them because we have enough other things to remember without a load more! Simply tick off each daily task as you do it (very satisfying!).

For kids, it gives them a sense of responsibility. They'll feel like a proper guinea pig mummy (or daddy!) with their notes and checklists. You could even integrate a star system (perhaps extra pocket money!) once they've completed their daily lists.

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Here is a list of the care sheets you'll receive with your download...

  1. A full color cover
  2. About me (fill in your guinea pigs name, date of birth, adoption and add their photo)
  3. Daily checklist - the perfect way to keep on track on a daily basis
  4. Is your guinea pig sick? - a quick reference guide if you are not sure whether to take your guinea pig to the vet
  5. Appointments - fill in any appointments your guinea pig has with the vet or boarding dates
  6. Vet information - if your guinea pig is ill, it is vital to get them checked out asap. Fill in this sheet with all the info you need to hand.
  7. Boarding information - fill in the contact details of your local guinea pig boarding facility in case you go on holiday and need to have them looked after.
  8. Veg & fruit - a quick guide to the best veggies and fruit to feed your guinea pigs on a regular basis
  9. Shopping list - note down all your guinea pig shopping here so you don't forget!
  10. Health record - make a record of any illnesses or heath problems your guinea pig has so you always have it to hand if you need their health history.
  11. Medication record - if your guinea pig needs medication, use this sheet to note down how much they need, how often and note down when they last had their meds.
  12. Weight chart - helps you keep track of your guinea pig's weight and also has a guide to their ideal weight.
  13. Nail cutting record - keep on top of nail cutting and add the dates when they last had their nails clipped.

You can download and print as many copies of the care sheets as you need for your own personal use without any additional cost.

Some Reviews from Our Lovely Customers

"What a fab idea, perfect for keeping my children organized with the care of our fur babies"

"Perfect for keeping track of all my piggies health and well being.

"These are really helpful. "

Be a super-organized Guinea Pig Goddess and get the care sheets....