Find a Guinea Pig Rescue Near Me

PLEASE NOTE: We have only just created our US version of GuineaPiggles so there may not be any rescue centres listed here yet. If you run a US based rescue center, please we would love it if you could add your rescue to our website!

Sadly there are literally hundreds of guinea pigs in rescue centres around the US. If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig, you can search for a rescue centre near where you live (above).

Adopt Don’t Shop

If you are interested in owning guinea pigs, we urge you to contact a rescue centre and to adopt a guinea pig rather than buying from a pet shop. See a list of rescue centres or search for one near where you live (above).

Like many other pets, there are countless guinea pigs that have been abandoned or mistreated and guinea pig rescue sanctuaries are absolutely overloaded with these lovely but unwanted animals. 

Abyssinian guinea pig
This is Sunny, our Abyssinian guinea pig. We adopted her with her friend Sparkles

By adopting a guinea pig from a rescue centre you are supporting the #adoptdontshop ethos. Pet shops will only supply when there is demand. If we can reduce that demand, the more chance there is of that the pet shops will reduce their supply chain.

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets with the most adorable personalities but they deserve to be treated with love and care. Please help them by contacting one of the rescue centres below rather than your local pet shop. 

KIDS LOVE THESE!: Are you getting guinea pigs for the first time? Help keep organised with the feeding/cleaning schedule and information you need with our downloadable and printable care sheets here...

Do you run a rescue centre?

If you run a rescue centre that caters for guinea pigs, please add your details to our website so we can help you.

Guinea Pig Adoption Certificate

Kids love these adoption certificates! We've designed this guinea pig adoption certificate especially for kids so they can feel a sense of responsibility when you adopt guinea pigs for them to take care of.

  • A4 printable download: print in colour or black and white
  • Fits into an A4 picture frame.
  • Fill in your guinea pig's name, adoption date and sign to make it official!
  • Hang on the wall by the guinea pig cage or your child's bedroom
  • Print as many times as you like for your own personal use.

Click here to get the adoption certificate