Best Guinea Pig Cages

Finding the best cage for your indoor guinea pigs can be difficult. It is important to buy a cage that is sturdy, safe and large enough for your guinea pigs to be happy.

We've looked at many different cages that are for sale online in search of the ideal cage for your cavies and it is shocking to find how many cages are sold for these pets but are wholly unsuitable. 

Many cages that are sold at pet shops and online are simply too small for the amount of room a guinea pig needs.

Guinea Pig Habitat Plus cage

The Guinea Pig Habitat Plus is the cage we recommend if you’re looking to house your guinea pigs indoors.

The reason we chose this as our best buy is for a number of reasons but it is the recommended size for 2 guinea pigs but can also be extended if required. It is easy to clean with easy access, simple to put together or store if necessary and it is a good looking cage which has the option of being used with or without the top panel. In fact its modular design puts it somewhere between a traditional plastic cage and a C&C cage but with the best of both worlds.

Habitat or Habitat Plus - what’s the difference?

If you choose to buy this cage, you will see there is an option between a Habitat and a Habitat Plus version. So what is the difference between the two? 

They are both the same size but the Habitat Plus comes with additional accessories.  The basic cage includes the sides and the pvc lined and leak-proof canvas base.

Guinea Pig Habitat Plus Cage
Guinea Pig Habitat Plus - complete with ramp, divider and also comes with a top panel
(note: the standard version doesn't have the divider, ramp or top panel pictured here)

If you buy the Habitat Plus you will also get a top panel which is essential if you have other pets to keep your guinea pigs safe. If you don’t have pets, your guinea pigs would be safe without the top as they can’t jump like rabbits do and will remain within the cage.

A divider panel, ramp and ramp cover is included with the Habitat Plus. This means you can have one section of the cage for play and sleep with the other side for eating and pooping. 

Is the cage big enough?

This is a good size for 2 guinea pigs measuring 120cm x 60cm which gives them a good amount of space (8 square feet). With guinea pigs, it’s a case of the more space they have, the better, which makes the expansion capability a real plus...

Extending the cage

One of the brilliant elements of the Habitat cage is that it is extendable. If you have more space in your home and can add another play area for your guinea pig, that is great! And it can be accomplished easily with this cage by simply adding a second habitat cage and linking them via the side doors which double up as ramps when two cages are combined. 

Ramp in the Guinea Pig Habitat Cage
The ramp and divider panel which comes with the "Plus" version giving 2 separate areas if required

In fact, you can expand your cage even more than that simply by adding more cages and linking them. This allows for many configurations and you can adapt them to fit the space you have.

Even if you don’t want to invest in a second cage right now, by choosing the Habitat you are giving yourself the option of expanding it in the future if you want or need to.

Is the Habitat easy to put together?

This cage is actually very straightforward to put together and takes around 15 minutes to put together.  Thankfully you don’t need a degree in diy for this one! 

Because it has a canvas base it is easier to construct the Habitat cage in the place where it’s going to be situated.  

Habitat Plus guinea pig cage for 2
Guinea pig Habitat Plus Cage - how to set it up (we use GuineaDad fleece liners in this cage)

How to put together the Habitat Plus cage

Here are the 4 simple steps to putting together a Guinea Pig Habitat Plus Cage. For the more basic cage, just follow steps 1 and 2:

  1. First put up the main part of the cage - the sides.
  2. Insert the canvas base and attach the velcro strips that are attached to the base around the cage sides. See note below...
  3. Put the dividing panel together with the ramp about 14 or 15 bars in from one end. You might need to count the bars to make sure you get it positioned the same on both sides!
  4. Add the cage top and secure the clips around the edges and you’re done!

Note: If you’re using fleece liners, you can add it after Step 2 if you have 1 fleece liner that covers the whole cage. If you have 2 fleece liners - one for each end, you can do this after Step 3. We recommend GuineaDad fleece liners for the Habitat cage.

Is the Habitat cage easy to clean?

One of the great benefits of this cage is that it is very easy to clean. 

Habitat Plus cage for guinea pigs complete with top panel
Complete Guinea Pig Habitat Plus cage with top panel, divider and ramp

The top unclips easily for removal to give you complete access to the cage.  If you don’t need to remove the top completely, for example, if you are doing a quick spot clean, you could just open the top flaps at either end.

Advantages of the Habitat and Habitat Plus

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is the perfect size for 2 guinea pigs giving them enough living space
  • It is expandable
  • It can be used with or without the top (depending on whether you have other pets or not)
  • Easy to store flat and takes up little space
  • Makes separating different areas easy
  • Fleece liners can be bought to fit this specific cage. We recommend GuineaDad Fleece Liners
  • It can be used as a run too.

Would we recommend this cage?

We recommend this cage as our first choice best buy because it is so versatile and expandable with great features. If you're environmentally conscious, this makes a lot more sense than a more solid plastic cage (as well as looking more attractive). 

The canvas base makes it easy to transform into flatpack for travel or storage, so it is a great feature. Click here to check the price of the Habitat Plus

Guinea pigs need a run too!

All guinea pigs need regular exercise in a large space where they can play so you will also need a good sized run. Check out the runs we recommend here...

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