C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs

C&C cages very popular with guinea pig owners who wish to house their pets indoors. In fact, they were designed with cavies in mind and are the ideal option if you have more than two guinea pigs. 

Please Note: Not all cages like this are safe. Some versions may be cheaper and marketed for pets but they can cause injury to Guinea Pigs who can get stuck in the wider bar spaces. Please read the section on safety here and make sure you buy the ones we recommend.

If you'd like to go straight to the place where you can buy them, you can check the different options and prices here.  You must line the cage with coroplast which can be bought here... If you'd like in-depth information and advice, please continue reading. In this article, we give you all the information you need about these cages including the links to where you can buy a full C&C cage kit, individual components for a more custom design and C&C fleece cage liners.

What is a C&C Cage?

C&C cages are modular guinea pig cages that are usually built to be open and spacious. They consist of panels / grids which you connect together with C&C connectors and cable ties with a Coroplast (plastic sheeting) insert.  Usually they are open cages which means it is easy to access your pets for extra cuddles and makes cleaning fairly easy. 

2x5 Guinea Pig C&C Cage with large loft area
Our 2x5 guinea pig cage with a 2x3 loft area

Benefits of a C&C Guinea Pig Cage

One of the main advantages of the C&C guinea pig cage is that it is extremely versatile in design.  You can build whatever size cage you need and you can even create a second smaller tier over the top. This means more space for your guinea pigs with the added advantage that it doesn’t take up any more floor space in your home.  

We use this type of cage for our guinea pigs which fits perfectly into the large space under our stairs.

How Easy is it to Build a C&C Cage?

You will need to plan out the configuration of the cage before you start. If you are only having one tier, it is relatively simple. However, if you are adding a second tier it becomes a little more challenging. The most difficult part of building a C&C cage is cutting the coroplast in the right shape and making sure it fits correctly.

C&C Cage Supplies

Top level of C&C cage
This shows the top level of our guinea pig cage with a dark enclosed sleeping area on the right

You can buy a C&C Cage as a complete kit or you can purchase the various bits and pieces for the specific size you require. Buying a kit is the easiest option.

Which C&C Cages are the Best and Safest?

We recommend these C&C cages on Amazon.

These are safe for the majority guinea pigs and have the right spacing between bars to ensure your pets aren't in danger of escaping or getting stuck in the bars. However, if you have baby guinea pigs or breeds with narrower heads than most, you may need to double check that they are going to be safe. This company sells all the accessories needed if you are building a bespoke cage or if you need extras.

Buying a Complete C&C Cages Kit

The complete C&C Cage Kit is available in a range of sizes at www.guineapigcagesstore.com.

What Size Cage Do I Need?

The size of cage that you need obviously depends on how many guinea pigs you have. Here are the C&C Cage Kit sizes that are available for purchase together with the recommended number of guinea pigs for that particular space:

Cage Sizes and How Many Guinea Pigs

  • 3x2 grids - 43 x 28 inches / 109 x 71cm (not recommended)
  • 4x2 grids - 57.5 x 28 inches / 146 x 71cm (2-3 guinea pigs)
  • 5x2 grids - 71.5 x 28  inches/ 182 x 71cm (2-4 guinea pigs)
  • 6x2 grids - 85.5 x 28 inches / 218 x 71cm (2-5 guinea pigs
  • 1x2 grid loft measures 14 x 28 inches / 36.5 x 71cm (this makes an excellent cosy sleeping area)

We have 6 guinea pigs with a 5x2 grid but with the addition of a 3x2 loft separated into a 2x2 feeding area and a 1x2 dark sleeping area. We have custom built this by purchasing the grids etc separately.

I wouldn't have any more than 6 piggies in this space, but they are all very happy and contented with lots of popcorning and happy squeaks so this size seems to suit them but they do need more regular cleaning! 

C&C Cage Custom Built Loft
The 3x2 loft area in our guinea pig cage: feeding area on the left and sleeping area on the right

Buying Individual Components

If you want to build your own C&C Cage as we did, you will need to buy the various components separately. These are the items you will need to purchase to build your guinea pigs C&C cage if you are buying the components separately:

C&C Cage Grids

There are some C&C grids for sale that are not safe for guinea pigs because of the larger spacing between the bars. If the space is too large, either they may be able to escape or they could hurt themselves by getting stuck and there have been some reported incidents of guinea pigs coming to real harm because of this.

You must also be careful of certain inferior grids that are currently on the market with a type of plastic coating that is not safe for guinea pigs. 

However, these grids on Amazon have the right spacing and these are the ones you should buy to ensure your guinea pigs are safe. You need to look for are the 9x9 grids which measure 36 x 36cm and the gaps measure about 3.5cm. If you have baby guinea pigs or a very small one, make sure your piggy is large enough (or their nose/head is large enough) that you won't encounter any problems. The panel pictured below is the one that we use and recommend.

C and C Components - Grid, Cable Ties and Connectors
C&C Grid measuring 36 x 36 cm, Cable Ties and C&C Connectors

C&C Connectors, Cable Ties and Coroplast

Connectors are small round 8-way components that clip on to the corners of the grids to interconnect the cage grids . Some people ask if they can just use cable ties but you really do need these connectors to do a proper job. They’re very easy to fit too.

You will need cable ties in addition to the connectors to make the cage into a more sturdy structure. They are also useful to use as hinges if you want to create opening doors with any of the grids or grid sections.

Coroplast is the plastic sheeting that goes inside the cage. It is a water-resistant plastic polypropylene fluted display board often used for making signs but works brilliantly in these modular cages as it is flexible and can be cut to size fairly easily.  Check the size of the sheets you are buying - you will probably have to tape them together as they often come in smaller sizes andthen score and fold them to the desired shape - here's a link to coroplast you can buy online.

C&C Cage Fleece Liners

C&C Feeding Area with Fleece Liner
The Feeding Area in our C&C cage loft with our custom made fleece liner

Most guinea pig owners who have C&C housing use fleece cage liners.  This is the best option as you may have the odd sharp bit from the cable ties that stick out from the coroplast which need to be covered. Fleece liners also offer a lovely soft surface for your guinea pig's delicate feet.

We made our own fleece liners but they do take some time and effort to make and you'll need a sewing machine to do it properly so it is a lot easier to buy them ready-made.

There are also some fantastic and high quality fleece liners on Amazon made by "GuineaDad". These super-absorbent and waterproof fleeces are made the bamboo plant and come in an assortment of sizes including 2x1, 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4 so you can combine them to fit larger spaces too. One of the lovely features of these fleeces is the built in pocket which allows your pet to hide! Bamboo is becoming more popular as a more sustainable material and may have antibacterial properties too, making this a great choice of bedding for your pet.

Cage Safety

If you don’t have other pets in the home, your C&C cage can be left open at the top. If you have other animals such as cats then you should either use a traditional cage or make your C&C cage safe by build tops for them. Bear in mind when designing your cage that you will need to have easy access for cleaning it out regularly.