Can Guinea Pigs Eat Thyme?


Herbs are a really good food for guinea pigs and thyme is one that you can feed your guinea pigs. But we do need to look at the nutrition it provides and decide how often and how much our small pets can eat this fragrant plant.

How much vitamin C is in thyme?

You may be surprised to learn that thyme has almost as much vitamin C as sweet yellow bell peppers

Although you and many guinea pig owners might already know that parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C, you might not realize that thyme contains even more of this essential nutrient. 

Vitamin C is necessary to prevent diseases, especially scurvy, in guinea pigs. So it is important your guinea pig has a diet that includes enough foods that contain good amounts of this vitamin.

How much fiber does thyme contain?

Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system and is a vital part of your guinea pig’s diet. Thyme is extremely high in fiber and is in fact the most fibrous of all fruit and vegetables on our safe foods list. In fact, thyme contains 14g of fiber per 100g. Compare this to mint which has 8g and kale which has about 4g and you’ll see that it comes way above any other fruit or vegetable that they are likely to eat.

How much sugar is in thyme?

All herbs are extremely low in sugar which makes them a really good food to include as part of your guinea pig’s diet.  Thyme is actually the lowest in sugar out of all herbs as it contains none.

How much calcium is in thyme?

Thyme contains extremely high levels of calcium. In fact it has almost double the amount of calcium as kale and more than any other food on our safe food list. 

How often can guinea pigs eat thyme?

It is important to provide your guinea pigs with a good balance of vitamins and minerals so although thyme is extremely rich in vitamin C and high in fiber, we need to be a little careful because of the calcium content. 

Calcium is an important part of a guinea pig’s diet but it is important to have a good balance of nutrients because vitamins and minerals all work together to keep your guinea pig healthy. 

Your guinea pigs can eat thyme a couple of times a week but don’t feed it in large quantities. Even small amounts of this herb will provide them with good amounts of vitamin C and calcium.

Add other leafy vegetables and a variety of veggies (and just very small amounts of fruit but this is optional) from our safe fruit and veg list to provide a good balance of nutrients to your guinea pig’s daily diet. 

Nutritional information for thyme

Below is the nutritional value per 100g of thyme

  • Vitamin C: 160.1 mg
  • Calcium: 405 mg
  • Phosphorous: 106 mg
  • Fiber: 14 g
  • Sugar: 0 g